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Individual customized packages

For newcomer families, I am offering the all-around carefree package that inludes all that is needed to have a comfy & easy start in your new home town Frankfurt. Working and busy parents that need a hand to organize the everyday family life, a birthday party or a short but fun and relaxing family weekend will find a suitable package as well. Please get in touch with me and I will provide a package individually tailored for your family.


Includes an overview of all offers in your particular district in Frankfurt that are interesting for your family. As a newcomer to the area, you will receive the most important information about playgrounds, pediatricians or medical specialists, various clubs, dance and music schools, etc. Furthermore, I support you in creating a profile in the online portal (Kindernetz) for the city of Frankfurt which is required to obtain a place for your child in nursey/pre-school (Kita) or Kindergarten.


Includes a tailored offer focussed on two topics of your choice (e.g. music or sports). In addition I could arrange inital appointments or trial courses as well as complete the final registration for your family. I could also look for other events connected to your interests and keep an eye on important registration or other dates related to your chosen topics.


Includes an overview of things to do as a family in Frankfurt and the surrounding areas.  Based on your interests, this could be single events or a short vacation.  Examples include a weekend on a farm, a knight's castle or circus trailer. I could also take over the booking of these events.


For the very busy parents: This package includes the coordination of various family tasks, such as scheduling annual wellness checks at the pediatrician or searching for a babysitter. You can also contact me for organizing last minute birthday presents or flowers for a special occasion, for example.


Includes the organization of your child’s birthday party or other family celebrations.  Type of celebration is open.  Based on your needs, I will create checklists for the event, provide advice on gifts, give creative ideas on arts and crafts projects, decorations and/or recipes. I can also provide you with experiences and trustworthy care of siblings or a service staff to help at the event.


An all-around carefree package for the whole family: This option includes all that is needed to have a more comfortable family life in Frankfurt. From making annual appointments or reservations to planning a weekend trip, this package makes family life in Frankfurt easy.


If you have just one topic you would like me to do research for please get in touch with me (e.g. personal training or party locations or gifts). We can brainstorm and discuss different options.​​

Starting at €89/package


This is for a special gift to a special friend. Shed parts of the organization of an event or support with location search or special gifts. Surprise a favorite person with a gift certificate of my services.​

Starting €49/voucher

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