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Creative and reliable organizational talent

I  am a mother of three children - two girls (10 and 4 years old) and one boy (7 years old). Since 2010, I have been living in Frankurt am Main. Over the years in this beauitful city, I have developed many friendships and through my children, I widened my network even further. Planning, organizing and managing have always been a strong-suite of mine and have been very useful in both my personal and professional life.

After completing my apprentice ship and one year abroad in Chicago, USA, I rejoined McKinsey as an assistent to the partners. I also supported the event team and helped organize large events in our German offices. I enrolled in an evening program and once I finished my business degree, I switched to a coordination job within the firm and organized well-known events with European clientale. Most recently, my job at McKinsey has focussed on the professional development of our consultants, which includes many working mothers who have to manage their career and family life. As a mother working part-time, I myself have also experienced the stress and struggle of balancing this double role.  After my third child I decided I wanted to help support hard-working mothers and fathers in their daily lives. In my parental leave I founded Main(e) Familienagentur. Since my return to my main job at McKinsey in June 2022, I have been working parttime for my agency only.

My lengthy experience in an international consulting firm has helped mold my outlook on life.  In particular, I believe nothing is impossible. I am used to working in a quickly changing environment and different cultures.  Bringing people together to work on a common goal is not an easy task, but something I have always enjoyed doing. In my personal life, I also strive to bring friends and family together and they all like my ideas, and appreciate my organizational talent and creative enthusiasm. I enjoy discovering new and unique places and activities for myself, my family and my friends .Now, through Main(e) Familienagentur, I want to give other families the opportunity to create memorable experiences from my knowledge, expertise and passion for organizing fun and memorable occasions for the whole family!

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